Buyers Urged To Register Household Appliances With Launch Of New Website

Research has found that consumers are missing out on safety warnings for their household appliances because they are not registering them with the manufacturer. 

Currently, only around 36% of consumers register their appliances with the manufacturer. This means that thousands of owners are untraceable if their appliance requires safety repairs or needs to be recalled.

In an attempt to combat this the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Electrical Appliances (AMDEA) have launched a website which provides access to registration pages of 47 different domestic appliance brands in an attempt to make the registration process quicker and easier. 

Douglas Herbison, chief executive of AMDEA said: "Domestic appliances have never been safer, but we have over 100 million large appliances in use in our homes and we keep them running for 10 or more years. The incidence of safety actions is very low - between six and 10 recalls a year - but, unlike cars, if manufacturers need to make a safety adjustment they have no way of tracing the majority of affected models. The 'register my appliance' page aims to help our industry to act swiftly, to contact owners, if a fault is discovered in a particular batch of products."

Jo Swinson, consumer affairs minister said: "It is so important that we make sure that we register new appliances and don't risk missing out on key information that could save lives. This initiative will make it easier for consumers to register appliances both new and old, and will help to ensure that relevant owners get vital information on product recalls and safety notices."

All in all the scheme is aims to make households safer and highlights the importance of registering your household appliances. So if you haven't already, check out the website and get your appliances registered.

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Jordan Holmes Web Developer

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