Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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Christmas Tree decoration made easy....

As we make our way into December and Christmas grows ever closer, those of you who have not yet, will be planning on decorating your house for the festive period, including the joyous (and sometimes rage inducing) task of erecting and decorating the Christmas Tree.

Here we will try to provide you with some tips to help make your decorations look great and make the tasks of putting them up that bit easier (hopefully avoiding the annual family argument over whose fault it is the tree looks like it was decorated by Stevie Wonder)


First and foremost, whilst putting up your tree, you need to consider the location. You may choose to put it in the corner of a room, this is ideal for those who don't have much time (or just can't be bothered) as it limits the area of the tree you need to decorate. Other things to take into consideration whilst choosing the location of your tree include:
  1. Keeping the tree out of direct heat, i.e. next to fires or radiators, as it could not only damage the tree but may also be a fire hazard. 
  2. Making sure you don't put the tree where it may be in the way of something important, such as the TV or next to doors or dining tables.
  3. Make sure you erect your tree somewhere near a mains socket. The last thing you want is Grandma tripping over the wire/extension lead for the lights on Christmas day and pulling down the whole tree completely ruining Christmas for all involved!


That leads us nicely on to our next set of tips, the lights! Arguably one of the most important decorations on the tree, not only do they provide a nice warm atmosphere to the room but they also draw attention to the tree and light it up to its full potential. Now, no matter how neatly you stored them away after last Christmas you can guarantee they will have managed to tie themselves in knots throughout the year. So before you embark upon the perilous quest of untangling your lights, plug them in to make sure that all the bulbs work. At least then if they don't you have an excuse not to untangle them. 
The best way to put the light on is to start from the top and wind them down the tree, placing some on the edge of the branches and some further in towards the trunk, this way you can maximise the area of the tree that is lit up.


There are no rules when it comes to decorating the tree, it can be as minimal or as over the top as you like. This gives you the opportunity to be creative and get into the festive spirit. However, we do have a few tips to maximise the experience of decorating the tree and ensure it looks as satisfying as possible. 
  1. Hang larger decorations about a quarter to half way down the branch, this way they have less chance of dropping off. 
  2. Use a mixture of large and small baubles and decorations and space them out evenly around the tree. Try to avoid clustering. 
  3. Be creative! Let the kids make their own decorations, personalise your existing decorations, this will make the whole thing a bit more special and exclusive.

The Final Touches

Now that your tree us in the perfect location, all lit up and beautifully decorated, it is time to make the finishing touches. This could include hanging a bit if tinsel or stashing some treats amidst the branches such as candy canes or chocolate, decorating the base of the tree with a skirt or some other form of base decorating apparel and, not forgetting, the pièce de résistance of tree decorating, the star/angel that sits on the top. Of course, if you do not posses a star/angel, you could always get creative and stick half naked action man up there wearing wings and a santa hat (no need to be bound by tradition). 

Something of an Innovation!

My final tip is, if you want save yourself all this hassle next year, you can alway wrap your fully decorated tree from head to toe in cling film and put it in the loft whole. The next year all you have to do is choose your location for you tree, cut the cling film off, et voilà! Fully decorated tree!

Thanks for reading!

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