Tips To Help Make Your Appliances Last Longer

Household appliances aren't cheap and unexpected breakdowns resulting in the need to replace them can be a big financial strain. Therefore it is important that we do what we can to help make our appliances last as long as possible. Here we have some simple tips that can prolong the life of your household appliances, keep them running efficiently and help you save a heap of money in the long run.


When a refrigerators compressor coils are clogged up with dust, bits of food and other kitchen waste, it has to work much harder to release heat, this speeds up the wearing process of your fridge. This problem can easily be solved by simply locating the condenser coils, these can usually be found below the refrigerator (behind the kick plate) or on the back of the refrigerator, and cleaning them using a vacuum cleaner and brush. This process should be repeated once annually and will add years to the life of your fridge. 
You can also prolong the life of your fridge by ensuring you do not overload it, this can restrict the airflow and overwork it. Also ensuring the door seal is fitted and working properly will increase it's life. This can be done by placing a £5 note, or any other note for that matter (or piece of paper if you're really skint) between the seal and the refrigerator and shutting the door. There should be some resistance whilst trying to pull it out, if it slides out with ease it might be time to replace/refit the seal.

Washing Machine

By simply not overfilling your washing machine you can add years onto its life. When you overfill your washing machine you cause unnecessary strain on important components such as the transmission and motor. By not overloading your machine, not only will it last longer but your clothes will come out cleaner. Allowing air to circulate properly can also help increase your washing machines life, you can do this by making sure there is plenty of space between the machine and a wall. This will improve air circulation, and help to avoid a build up of mould around the back fittings of your machine.


A great deal of energy used by your dishwasher goes towards heating the water. To save your dishwasher work and make it last longer simply run the tap at the sink until it gets hot before starting the cleaning cycle. Your dishwasher will also last longer if you regularly clean the seal with hot soapy water and remove food debris from the filter.

Tumble Dryer

Clean the lint filter before you use your dryer and do not overload it, this will significantly extend its life as it will avoid overworking the appliance and encourage a healthy air flow. Also using the auto-dry setting will help save energy and wear and tear on your clothes. Clearing the vent on a regular basis will also ensure the dryer runs as efficiently as possible and reduce the risk of fire.

Vacuum Cleaner

As for your vacuum cleaner, changing the bag frequently and keeping the filters clean will help keep your vacuum cleaner working for longer. Also try checking the brush rolls before you use your vacuum cleaner, removing pet hair or long fibres. Finally, don't let the retractable cord reel in too fast to avoid any damage to the plug. 

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