A look at LG's exciting and innovative new products

To keep ahead in the white goods market companies must constantly strive to be at the forefront of new and innovative products and technologies. LG are doing just that, with the launch of two exciting new products aimed to improve the experience of the consumer and help save energy.

The Door-In-Door Refrigerator 

LG have announced their first door-in-door refrigerator which is set to be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which is currently being held in Las Vegas.

The refrigerator has two door-in-door compartments making it easier to access items kept it the door shelves, like food and drink items which are more frequently consumed such as milk, cheese, eggs, juice etc... Also, as the entire fridge is not being opened LG claim that cold air loss will be reduced by up to 47% which will help save on energy costs and keep food fresher for longer.

The outside of the fridge is fingerprint and smudge resistant and the fridge also features tempered glass over the curved glass. The fridge provides 34 cubic feet of storage space, so plenty of room for all the essentials and a boat load of beer.

It also features LG's smart diagnosis technology, which is designed to help LG's call centre staff remotely identify any problems that arise with the appliance. Also, relating back to previous posts regarding the IoT, consumers will be able to monitor and record signals from their refrigerator directly from their smartphone.

The LG Twin Wash System 

The LG twin wash system is main washing machine mounted on top of a smaller washer which sits in a pedestal beneath.

The machine can wash two loads simultaneously, for example whites can be washed at the same time as colours, or silk at the same time as towels on a hot wash.

When not in use, the smaller washer can be stored away and simply acts as a pedestal for the main washer. The smaller washer can also be combined with any of LG's front loading washers. 

President and CEO of the LG home appliances, Seong-jin Jo said: “One might be tempted to call the LG TWIN Wash System disruptive, as it’s a completely new concept in appliances. However, the addition of a mini washer underneath the main washer translates to greater flexibility, convenience and efficiency,”

The system should help reduce energy costs and save on water and power as it will reduce the amount of washes needed and the smaller washer is ideal for odd items or smaller loads that usually would have went on a full wash. 

Of course, as with the door-in-door refrigerator, the washing machine is Wi-Fi and NFC enabled and is fitted with LG's SmartThinQ technology. This enables users to programme cycles directly from their smartphone, including full control over temperature and length of cycles, and when they would like them to start. 

So, are LG on the verge of revolutionising the refrigerator and washing machine markets with their new products or are these appliances simply a novelty that may quickly wear off. Let us know your opinion in the comments below. 

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