Electrolux joins IoT focused AllSeen Alliance

Electrolux have joined the AllSeen Alliance. The AllSeen Alliance is an open-source project with focus on the innovation of IoT technology.

IoT stands for the Internet of Things and is a network of physical objects accessed through the internet. These objects will have technology such as micro chips embedded in them which will enable them to react to the external environment or internal states. Objects can therefore sense and communicate via the internet.

Electrolux own brands such as Frigidare, Zanussi, Molteni, Eureka and Westinghouse and are best known for products such as vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and dishwashers. 
Electrolux have joined competitors Haier, along with Microsoft, Panasonic, Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Sharp, Silicon Image, Technicolor and TP-Link, on AllSeen's Premier Member list. Members range from consumer electronics and chipset manufacturers to retailers and service providers with the intention to use the open-source framework as a platform for objects and devices to interact.  

The Chairman of AllSeen Alliance,  Lait Ben-Zur said in a statement:

“We've said from the beginning that only a pan-industry effort using open source and collaboration can advance the technology required to build a truly connected world. The decision by Electrolux to join with the other signature companies is an important step forward for the AllSeen Alliance and we look forward to Electrolux AllJoyn-enabled products being commercially available.”

This can provide for all kinds of opportunities such as refrigerators that can not only alert you when they are running low but also order the relevant groceries online for you. It may also provide for the opportunity to control your vacuum cleaner from home, enabling you to send instructions as to where in the house you would like to be vacuumed. The possibilities are endless.

Jan Brockmann, Chief Technology Officer at Electrolux said:

“Electrolux strongly believes that this technology, where appliances communicate with each other, with consumers and with other devices, offers a great potential to develop products and services that improve how we cook our food and clean our homes. For instance, we are working on solutions for smarter cooking, which will leverage our professional capabilities to help people achieve great tasting food with minimum effort.”

On the down side, this type of technology may carry a security risk. Providing new channels by which firmware can be hacked. The last thing you want is to have your router hacked into because the security on your refrigerator is not up to date. Problems, I’m sure, are being worked on and are constantly being improved by such groups as the AllSeen Alliance.

Background AllSeen Alliance

The AllSeen Alliance is a nonprofit open source consortium dedicated to driving the widespread adoption of products, systems and services that support the Internet of Everything with an open, universal development framework that is supported by a vibrant ecosystem and thriving technical community.
The Alliance hosts and advances an industry-supported open software connectivity and services framework based on AllJoyn technology accepting contributions from premier members, community members and the open source community.

This secure and programmable software connectivity and services framework enables companies and individuals to create interoperable products that can discover, connect and interact directly with other nearby devices, systems and services regardless of transport layer, device type, platform, operating system or brand.
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