Making Sense Of Laundry Labels

Doing laundry can be stressful at the best of times, but misunderstanding laundry labels can not only add to the stress, but can also aid in ruining your clothes. The last thing you want to do is ruin an expensive wool sweater by boil washing it or burn a hole in your favourite silk dress with the iron. Here we will go through common logos and symbols you may come across on the laundry labels on your clothes, and fabric household items, and explain what they mean.

There are many different things you must take into consideration whilst doing laundry including wash type and temperature, bleaching instructions, drying type and temperature, ironing temperature and dry cleaning instructions.



Cold (30°C)              
Warm (40°C)                
Hot (50°C)                
Hot (60°C)                
Hot (70°C)                
Hot (95°C)


    Permanent Press
    Hand Wash
Do Not Wash
Please Note: Temperature and type logos may be combined as one. e.g. = Warm (40°C) Gentle/Delicate wash.
≤ = Equal to or less than.


    Bleach As Needed (Any Commercially Available Bleach Can Be Used Safely)
    Non-Chlorine Bleach As Needed (Only A Non-Chlorine, Colour-Safe Bleach May Be Used)
Do Not Bleach 



Low Heat 
Medium Heat
High Heat 
No Heat


 Tumble Dry, Normal
Tumble Dry, Permanent Press
Tumble Dry, Gentle/Delicate
 or  Do Not Dry/Tumble Dry (A Machine Dryer May Not Be Used. Usually Accompanied By An Alternate Drying Method Symbol)
   Line Dry
    Drip Dry
    Dry Flat
    Dry In Shade
 Do Not Wring
Please Note: Temperature and type logos may be combined as one. e.g. = Medium Heat, Permanent Press.



Iron, Any Temperature , Steam Or Dry
Low (110°C)
Medium (150°C)
High (200°C)


   Do Not Steam
Do Not Iron


Do Not Dryclean

Please Note: The following symbols are intended for use by professional drycleaners but may be handy to know. 

  Any Solvent
  Petroleum Solvent Only
  Any Solvent Except Trichloroethylene
Short Cycle
Reduced Moisture 
  Low Heat
  No Steam


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